People behind CELLnTEC

Three key people stand behind the dedicated members of the CELLnTEC team:

Peter Girling, Founder

Peter provides support to key customers, and coordinates the ongoing R&D program at CELLnTEC.  He is responsible for CELLnTEC’s partnering and business development activities. He is a founder of CELLnTEC, and has 15 years of experience in biological research.

Christoph Rindlisbacher, Director

With extensive experience in the life-science and medical device fields, Christoph is a key advisor and contributor to the strategic planning processes at CELLnTEC.  As delegate of the board, he also oversees key management and financial planning processes.

Prof. Eliane Müller, Founder and Chairman

Head of the Molecular Dermatology and Stem Cell Research group at the University of Bern, Eliane brings a wealth of experience in the fields of dermatology and skin stem cells.  As a founder and chairman of the board, she plays a significant role in both the scientific and strategic directions followed by CELLnTEC.