Epithelium 2D


Primary human bladder epithelial cells.

Proliferation Media

CnT-Prime is carefully formulated to deliver excellent growth and longevity of bladder epithelial cells in a fully defined, animal component free environment.

This is achieved with a combination of Progenitor Cell Targeted (PCT) factors to improve retention of cells in an undifferentiated phenotype, and co-factors to improve growth factor binding and proliferation.

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Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined Media type
CnT-PR CnT-Prime, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-CA CnT-Prime Calcium Free, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-BM.1 CnT-Prime Basal Medium Human Yes 2D-Prolif