CnT-PR-MSC-XF medium provides class-leading adMSC proliferation rates and longevity, without coating.

The new CnT-Prime MSC-XF medium enables high efficiency isolation and class-leading proliferation rates of adipose-derived MSC (see image at left), all in a fully xeno-free environment without the need for plate coatings!

It can easily be upgraded for clinical applications. Contact us at scientist@cellntec.com for further details and pricing.

Cells growing in CnT-Prime MSC-XF medium also demonstrate extended longevity, and remain strongly multipotent for at least 4 passages.

The cell population is CD45-/CD31-/CD73+/CD90+/CD105+/CD34+/-, and importantly at least 8% of the cell population remains CD34-positive at passage 4.
Figure: CD34 expression, CnT-PR-MSC-XF medium, passage 4.

adMSC expanded in CnT-Prime MSC-XF medium also maintain strong multipotency for extended periods, with class leading differentiation efficiency after 4 passages in culture.

Figure: CnT-Prime MSC Media demonstrate high adipogenic differentiation efficiency compared with leading competitors after 4 passages in culture. (A) CnT-PR-MSC-CD, (B) CnT-PR-MSC-XF, (C) Mesencult-ACF

Figure: High colony forming efficiency of adMSC maintained in CnT-Prime MSC-XF Medium for 4 passages.

Cells may at any time be switched to the chemically defined #CnT-PR-MSC-CD medium, or induced to differentiate following addition of the necessary differentiation supplements. Please visit the MSC homepage for more information about other Prime MSC products.

For recommended isolation, expansion, differentiation and CFE protocols, please visit the Protocols Section of this website.

The CnT-PR-MSC medium is currently in the beta testing phase. Please contact scientist@cellntec.com to request your test sample.

A flyer summarising the CnT-Prime MSC expansion media is available here.

Printable datasheet

CnT-Prime MSC-XF Medium

CnT-Prime MSC-XF Medium is a highly refined medium for high efficiency isolation and expansion of adipose-derived MSC. It uses an advanced basal medium supplemented with a range of growth factors, and is completely free of all animal-derived factors (xeno-free).

Tested with human cells, may be used with other species as well.
Tissue type
Pack size
500 mL bottle, fully supplemented with growth factors. No further additions required.
Product use
Developed specifically for optimal isolation efficiency and proliferation of adMSC. Recommended seeding density immediately after isolation: 20'000 cells per sq. cm. Recommended seeding density after passaging: 2'000 cells per sq. cm. See the Protocols Page for culture protocols.
Media Type
Culture condition
This medium is designed for use in a 5% CO2 atmosphere. For suggested seeding and culture protocols, please visit the resources section of www.cellntec.com
For routine cell cultivation, CELLnTEC does not recommend the use of antibiotics / antimycotics.
Storage / Shelf life
Store frozen below -15oC. For best before date, see label. To prepare medium for use, it is preferable to thaw overnight at 4oC. Alternatively, medium may be thawed at room temperature for approx 5-6 hours. If thawing at room temperature, ensure contents do not rise above 12oC at the end of the thawing process. Once thawed, medium has a remaining shelf-life of 6-weeks when stored at 4oC in the dark. Certain culture media components are very sensitive to light. Minimize light exposure at all times.
Quality control
Media composition is tested via osmolality, pH and the concentration of various ions. Media functionality is tested by evaluating growth and morphology or primary human adMSC over at least 2 passages. Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
Shipping condition
Medium is shipped frozen.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
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