Primary human dermal fibroblasts growing in CnT-PR-F medium. Day 3 after seeding.

Tailored Media for Fibroblast Proliferation

Traditional fibroblast media utilise 10% serum combined with very simple basal media formulations.

The CnT-PR-F medium uses an advanced basal medium formulation and mix of defined growth factors to reduce the serum requirement down to 1%.

As a result, CnT-PR-F significantly increases isolation efficiency (50%) and growth rate (+40%), whilst reducing serum-associated variability.

Test samples are available for qualifying customers.

Traditional Fibroblast Medium

CnT-05 is a traditional 10% serum fibroblast proliferation medium.

In addition to serum, it also contains several additional factors.

For improved isolation efficiency, proliferation rate and ECM responsiveness, the new Prime media are recommended. The CnT-05 will only be available as a catalog product until end of 2017. From that point onwards, it will be a custom product, made to order.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined ACF Media type
CnT-PR-F CnT-Prime Fibroblast Medium Human, Mouse, and Rat No No 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-ECM CnT-Prime ECM Human Yes Yes 2D-Diff
CnT-PR-FH CnT-Prime Fibroblast Homeostasis Medium Human Yes Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-05 Fibroblast Medium Human and Mouse No No 2D-Prolif
CnT-ABM10 Pen / Strep / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-GAB10 Gentamycin / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes