Save 5 Ways With Prime

1. Lower prices

One-step one-bottle manufacturing saves time with Prime. This means we can keep the prices lower than our other media.

Download our 2017 CHF Pricelist.

2. Automatic OrderSmart Discounts

The CnT-Prime range has a built-in discount system for media, reagents, and cells!

  • Order 4 bottles of medium, get 10% off all media and reagents in the order.
  • Order 6 bottles of medium, get 12% off all media and reagents in the order.
  • And get 14% off cells whenever you order 3 vials in a single order!

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything – the discounts will be applied automatically to all orders of CnT-Prime media.

3. Volume Discounts

Need to order 12, 20 or 50 bottles per order? As about our bulk quotes!

4. Cheaper Shipping

Prime media ship in one box, without dry ice. This saves volume, weight, and costs!

For all one box shipments in Switzerland without dry ice, we charge a flat-rate fee of CHF35.

Media kits (with separate supplements) are shipped in 2 boxes, and incur a flat-rate fee of CHF45.

Shipments with dry ice (i.e. for cells), incur an additional fee of CHF15.

5. ShipSmart Saves With Fewer Shipments

We keep 6-12 months of remaining shelf-life on 95% of the products we ship. Minimum is 4 months.

With flat-rate-shipping, it pays to order the extra bottles you need for the coming 4 months. Fewer shipments means big savings!

The Order Process


For most rapid processing, please submit orders by email to or fax (+41 31 331 9583).

Please send a copy of your purchase order, or use our order form (also suitable for credit card orders).


Orders are shipped Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Orders placed by 9.00 am Tuesday and Wednesday will ship the same day (subject to availability).

For urgent orders, please get in contact with us to obtain info on the next possible shipping time.


May be made by bank transfer, or by credit card (please submit your card details using the order form above).


Our shipping terms are FCA origin, and payment terms are 30 days.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.