Biochemical laboratory

Test Samples

To allow easy evaluation of the Prime media, CELLnTEC makes the following test samples available at low cost.

To obtain a fair comparison, it is important to follow the Sample Testing Recommendations.

All samples are 250 mL, and are provided frozen. Simply thaw, and they are ready for use.

Tests samples are limited to 1 per research group for each medium.

Samples can be ordered either directly from CELLnTEC, or the distributor responsible for your country (please visit our ordering page).

Testing Recommendations

Testing Recommendations for Samples. PDF

Test Sample Datasheets

Epithelial Cell Isolation and Proliferation
CnT-Prime (#CnT-PR-SAMPLE)

CnT-Prime Airway (#CnT-PR-A-SAMPLE)

IsoBoost Supplement (#CnT-ISO-50-SAMPLE)

Epithelial Cell Differentiation and Homeostasis
CnT-Prime 2D Diff. (#CnT-PR-D-SAMPLE)

CnT-Prime 3D Barrier (#CnT-PR-3D-SAMPLE)

CnT-Prime Airway Diff. (#CnT-PR-AD-SAMPLE)

CnT-Prime Keratinocyte Homeostasis Medium (#CnT-PR-H-SAMPLE)

CnT-Prime iPS Epithelial Differentiation Medium (#CnT-30-SAMPLE)

Fibroblast Media
CnT-Prime Fibroblast (#CnT-PR-F-SAMPLE)


CnT-Prime Fibroblast Homeostasis Medium CnT-PR-FH-SAMPLE

Co-Culture Media in 2D and 3D
CnT-Prime 2D Co-Culture (#CnT-PR-CC-SAMPLE)

FT Skin Media Pack (#CnT-FT-SAMPLE).

Melanocyte Media
CnT-40 Melanocyte Medium (#MELMSAMPLE)

Prime MD Medium (#CnT-PR-MD-SAMPLE)

Prime MH Medium (#CnT-PR-MH-SAMPLE)

Biopsy Maintenance
XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium (#CnT-XP3-SAMPLE)