Key Previous Products Remain Available

In April 2014, CELLnTEC launched the new range of Prime media.These media are a further evolution of the preceding PCT media that have been distributed since 2004.

The new Prime media and the preceding PCT media share 95% the same formulation. However the new Prime media offer improved growth, longevity and differentiation, all in a fully defined environment, that is free of all animal and human-derived components.

The Prime media are also simplified, with all growth factors already included (no separate supplements). This makes them cheaper to manufacture, cheaper to buy, and cheaper to ship.

There is also less risk of variability due to the simplified manufacturing, and the lack of small supplement tubes which have a high ability to adorb growth factors.

Due to these benefits, most users have now transitioned to the new Prime media.

For customers wishing to remain with the previous media products, several of them remain available. Please visit the following pages for details.

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