SDS Documents for Key Products

A PDF version of the SDS documents can be downloaded via the following links:

CnT-Prime (CnT-PR)
CnT-Prime 2D Diff (CnT-PR-D)
CnT-Prime 3D Barrier (CnT-PR-3D)
CnT-Prime Airway (CnT-PR-A)
CnT-Prime Airway Diff (CnT-PR-AD)
CnT-Prime CC (CnT-PR-CC)
CnT-Prime ECM (CnT-PR-ECM)
CnT-Endothelium (CnT-ENDO)
CnT-Prime Fibroblast (CnT-PR-F)
CnT-Prime Fibroblast Homeostasis (CnT-PR-FH)
CnT-Prime Full Thickness (CnT-PR-FTAL)
CnT-Prime H (CnT-PR-H)
CnT-Prime KM (CnT-PR-KM)
CnT-Prime iPSC Diff (CnT-30)
CnT-Prime MD (CnT-PR-MD)
CnT-Prime MH (CnT-PR-MH)
CnT-Prime MSC (CnT-PR-MSC)

Biopsy Maintenance Medium (CnT-XP3)
iPSC Corneal Differentiation (CnT-PR-EF)
VitroAge Aging Medium (CnT-AG2)

Previous Media
Epidermal Keratinocyte (CnT-07)
Fibroblast (CnT-05)
Epidermal Keratinocyte (CnT-09)
Airway Epithelium (CnT-17)
Melanocyte (CnT-40)
Epidermal Keratinocyte (CnT-57)


Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (HPEKp)
Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (HPEKs)
Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (HPEKas)
Mouse Keratinocytes (MPEK-129)
Mouse Keratinocytes (MPEK-BL6)
Canine Keratinocytes (CPEK)

Human Corneal Epithelium (HCEP)

Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDFp)
Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDFs)
Human Dermal Papilla Fibroblasts (HDPs)

Human Melanocytes (HEMas)
Human Melanocytes (HEMns)

Gingival Epithelium (HGEPp)
Gingival Epithelium (HGEPs)

Human Bladder Epithelium (HBEP)
Human Bladder Epithelium (HBLAK)

Accutase Detachment Solution (CnT-Accutase-100)
Adipogenic Differentiation Supplement (CnT-MSCDIFF-AD.S)
CRYO-Defined ACF Freezing Medium (CnT-CRYO-50)
Dispase II, Neutral Protease (CnT-DNP-10)
Gentamycin / Amophotericin (CnT-GAB10)
IsoBoost Supplement (CnT-ISO-50)
Pen/Strep/Amphotericin B Solution (CnT-ABM-10)