Primary human keratinocytes growing in CnT-PR medium. Day 5 after seeding.

Proliferation Media

CnT-Prime medium is carefully formulated to deliver excellent keratinocyte growth and longevity in a fully defined, animal component free environment.

This is achieved with a combination of Progenitor Cell Targeted (PCT) factors to improve retention of cells in an undifferentiated phenotype, and co-factors to improve growth factor binding and proliferation.

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Original Media such as CnT-07, CnT-57 and CnT-09 remain available.

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HPEK_2D Differentiation

Upregulation of differentiation markers during 8-days following confluence, switch to CnT-PR-D, and addition of calcium.

Differentiation Media

The keratinocyte differentiation process is a complex and highly-orchestrated series of events.

It is significantly affected by the cell’s environment.

Proliferation media contain a wide range of factors that are directly inhibitory to cell differentiation. As a result, these media actively retard the differentiation process.

The new CnT-Prime 2D Differentiation medium is specifically designed to encourage complete differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes.

Cells growing in a medium designed for rapid proliferation or complete differentiation are receiving a strong set of signals from the culture medium.

These strong signals tend to reduce the responsiveness of cells to the external stimulii applied during experimentation.

To improve assay responsiveness, we have developed a keratinocyte homeostasis medium known as CnT-Prime H, in which cells demonstrate higher responsiveness to assay treatments.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined Media type
CnT-PR CnT-Prime, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-D CnT-Prime 2D Diff, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes 2D-Diff
CnT-PR-H CnT-Prime Keratinocyte Homeostasis Medium Human No 2D-Prolif
CnT-ISO-50 CnT-IsoBoost Supplement Yes
CnT-PR-BM.1 CnT-Prime Basal Medium Human Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-07 Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium Human and Mouse Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-57 Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium Human and Mouse No 2D-Prolif
CnT-09 Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium Dog No 2D-Prolif