3D Differentiation Media

Differentiation and stratification of epidermal keratinocytes in air-lift culture places divergent demands on the culture medium

The medium must send proliferative signals to retain the basal layer, but must also permit cells to fully differentiate and form an effective barrier.

The 3D Barrier medium is specifically designed to deliver this delicate balance. It is able to retain the basal layer, but in parallel allows more complete differentiation and a 50% improved barrier compared with regular media (more info).

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3D epidermal model, day 12, established using 3D Starter Kit. The use of the new 3D Barrier medium improves differentiation and barrier function by 50%.

3D Starter Kits

Everything you need to establish 3D epidermal models simply, reliably and cost effectively in your own lab.

Kits come with media for 2D and 3D culture, plus 50 inserts and a complete protocol.

Kits are available both with and without primary epidermal keratinocytes.

Update July 2014: Please note that 3D starter kits shipped from mid July 2014 will contain 48 inserts. This is a result of our switch to purchase inserts from both Nunc and Millipore, to address previous issues with inconsistent availability from a single supplier.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined Media type
CnT-PR-3D CnT-Prime 3D Barrier Medium Human Yes 3D-Diff
PR3D-HPEK-50 3D Keratinocyte Starter Kit including Primary Keratinocytes Human Yes
PR3D-K-50 3D Keratinocyte Starter Kit, without Primary Keratinocytes Human Yes