Cell Culture

Epithelix – Advanced 3D models of respiratory epithelium.

In Sphero – 3D microtissue spheroids for drug discovery and toxicology screens.

Biognosys – Mutiplexed proteomic analysis with Hyper Reaction Monitoring.

Tissue Biology Research Unit Zurich – Basic and clinical skin research.

EuroSkinGraft – 3D in vitro skin models for clinical use.

TEDD Competence Centre – Tissue Engineering for Drug Development.

Actelion Pharma – Innovative 2D and 3D airway models for drug discovery.

ZHAW – Novel 3D in vitro model development.

Stem Cell Network Bern – Regenerative medicine and stem cell network.

Zen-Bio – Innovative cell culture products and services.

IIVS – Research and development of in vitro testing methods.

AltTox – Non-animal toxicoloy testing methods.


Intercosmetica – Innovative research and production of cosmetics.

La Prairie Group – Innovative, high-end cosmetics.

Mibelle Biochemistry – Scientifially advanced, natural cosmetic actives.

Qenax – Research and development of novel plant-derived cosmetic ingredients.

Lipoid Kosmetik – High quality botanical extracts.

DSM Personal Care – Advanced cosmetic and personal care products.

Rahn – High quality active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Givaudan – Leader in novel flavours and fragrances.

Evonik – Development of advanced cosmetic ingredients.

Silab – Active ingredient engineering for novel cosmetic approaches.

Provital – Advanced cosmetic actives