Our values and how we work

Our values are the principles that are important to us.
They are the things that we will push harder for, because that is just the way we want things to be.


This is our foundation. The desire to make a few things great.
By focusing on a tightly defined cell culture area, we can dig deeper, learn more.
By mastering the smallest details, we can deliver products that perform better, and vary less.


Refining that which exists is not enough. We want to go further.
We want to enable more advanced 3D and co-cultures, that work simply, and reliably.


We don’t have a customer service department. We are a customer service department.
We want all our customers to connect quickly and directly with a CELLnTEC team member that can offer strong advice based on real experience.
We use our products every day, and know them intimately. That knowledge is at your disposal.