Prime Integrated Culture System
A Variety of Cell Behaviours Requires a Variety of Media

In vivo, cells display a much broader range of behaviors than just proliferation.
That is why the CnT-Prime range of media contains products specifically tailored for:

  • High efficiency isolation and proliferation
  • Complete differentiation, or homeostasis for better assay responsiveness
  • Balanced co-culture in 2D and 3D
  • Upgradeability for the high demands of clinical applications


Recent Praise for CnT-Prime Media!

“We have tested several commercially available media for selection and growth of human airway epithelial cells and in our hands the CnT-Prime Airway medium is the best in class”

– [Dr Sean Hall, Department of Clinical Research, University Hospital Bern]


Evolution of CnT-Prime Media

The Prime family of media contains a range of mainly animal component free and chemically defined media for a wide range cell types including epithelia, fibroblasts, MSCs, melanocytes and endothelia. For more info about how they compare with our previous PCT media, please see the following link:


Six powers of CnT-Prime


ACF, Chemically Defined

Prime media use animal component free factors to improve retention of proliferative progenitor cells, and co-factors to improve growth-factor binding. Most media are chemically defined, for maximal control of your experimental environment.


Reliable & Clinically Upgradeable

Reliability is critical for clinical use. Fully defined media with certified, animal-free components are easily upgraded for clinical applications, whilst an 8-point process minimizes variation.


Sophisticated Models

Proliferation media do not deliver great differentiation, co-culture or aging. Finely tuned media significantly improve specialist behaviours.



One bottle, one box shipping, one-step preparation, and one-source products and protocols for 2D and 3D culture.



Fully customizable growth factor combinations available on request.



Advice from CELLnTEC researchers that use the products every day.