Platform for Alternative Skin Tests for sustainable FUTURE science (PAST4FUTURE) CELLnTEC joins the PAST4FUTURE consortium to address organoids-based new research methods for skin diseases. Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Chronic, non-healing wounds are a […]

COVID-19 and Respiratory Diseases Research Tools

  Infectious diseases rank among the top respiratory system illnesses. The novel and resurfacing respiratory viral outbreaks have jeopardized public health and global economy. The coronavirus-associated epidemics like SARS (2003), MERS (2015), and COVID-19 (2019) have drawn attention to viral […]

CELLnTEC launches 2D Co-culture starter kits

  You can now successfully establish co-cultures of keratinocytes with fibroblast or melanocytes using CELLnTEC`s New PR2D-CC or PR2D-KM starter kits, respectively. Read More >