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► CnT-07

CnT-07 is a good performer and one of the highly demanded products. However, we would recommend trying its successor CnT-Prime Epithelial Proliferation Medium ► CnT-PR



  • Fully supplemented, “Ready-to-Go”, one bottle, one box shipping (CnT-07: separate medium and supplements)
  • Chemically defined, animal component-free (CnT-07: contains one defined, pharmaceutical grade animal component)



Catalog #

Product Name


► CnT-PR-D CnT-Prime Epithelial 2D Differentiation Medium Differentiation
► CnT-PR-3D CnT-Prime Epithelial 3D Airlift Medium 3D Differentiation
► CnT-PR-H CnT-Prime Epithelial Homeostasis Medium Homeostasis
► CnT-AG2 CnT-AG2 VitroAge Keratinocyte Aging Medium Aging
► CnT-PR-CC CnT-Prime Epithelial/Stromal Co-Culture Medium Co-Culture
► CnT-PR-KM CnT-Prime Keratinocyte/Melanocyte Co-Culture Medium Co-Culture
► CnT-PR-FTAL5 CnT-Prime Full Thickness 3D Airlift Medium 3D Co-Culture



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Product Name


► CnT-ISO-50 CnT-IsoBoost, Isolation Boosting Supplement Isolation
► CnT-XP3 CnT-XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium Isolation
► CnT-Accutase-100 CnT Accutase Cell Detachment Solution Isolation
► CnT-CRYO-50 CnT-CRYO Defined, Animal Component-Free Freezing Medium Cryopreservation

Primary cells pre-calibrated in respective media

► Primary Human Epidermal Keratinocytes

A “universal” base chemistry

CELLnTEC’s precision media are based on a common, “universal” base chemistry. This ensures medium continuity, minimizes variation, increases standardization throughout the process, and allows for combining or switching between different media types without adaption.

Free trial samples

Please feel free to order a free trial sample of any of the listed media or reagents.
Shipping charges may apply, so we recommend combining a trial sample request when planning a regular order.

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