Preceding PCT Media

The PCT Media were the first generation of CELLnTEC`s research grade media, distributed since 2004. Several of the previous PCT media still remain available for our customers who wish to stick to the prior version.

New Generation Prime Media

In April 2014, we launched the new range of Prime media. These media are a further evolution of the preceding PCT media that share 95% of the same formulation. The Prime media are also simpler to handle, with all growth factors already included (no separate supplements).

Our customers are transitioning to the evolved CnT-Prime media that offers excellent proliferation in a fully defined, animal-component-free environment, with the convenience and cost benefits of a fully supplemented medium.
The preceding products can be easily made up from other products that remain available. We are still supplying some of the PCT media as custom order or made-on-request products.
Please send your request via for more details.


The superseding media replace our discontinued PCT media. We recommend the new generation of prime media for the PCT media that still remain available.



Available Media New Generation Media
PCT Epidermal Keratinocyte, Defined CnT-07 CnT-Prime Epithelial CnT-PR
PCT Epidermal Keratinocyte, Low BPE CnT-57 None


Discontinued Media Superseding Media
Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium, Defined CnT-02 PCT CnT-07 or CnT-Prime CnT-PR
3D Prime Medium, Defined CnT-02-3DP5 CnT-Prime 3D Barrier CnT-PR-3D