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CnT-30 iPSC Epithelial Differentiation Medium

Differentiation of human iPSC and ESC down corneal lineages in a chemically defined, animal component-free medium.

Catalog CnT-30
Content 500 ml basal medium + supplement pack


  • Chemically defined
  • High efficiency differentiation


CnT-30 is a chemically defined liquid culture medium kit for differentiation of human iPSC and ESC down corneal and epidermal epithelial lineages.

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Tissue type
Human, may also work for other species
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
500 ml
Basal Medium & Supplement Pack
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources

CnT-30 is a chemically defined medium for differentiation of human iPSC and ESC epithelial lineages.

A variety of differentiation protocols have been used succesfully with this product.
One example of differentiation into corneal epithelium followed by proteomic comparison of iPSC-derived vs primary limbal cells was published in Nature Scientific Reports (Mikhailova et al. 2015).

Other recent papers describing corneal differentiation of hPSCs:

Sorkio et al. 2018, Hongisto et al. 2018.
The medium undergoes a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale. Please see the datasheet for details. It can easily be upgraded for clinical applications. Contact us at support@cellntec.com for further details and pricing.
Thawing, seeding, and passaging protocols are particularly important for optimal cell growth. Please visit our Protocols Page for our recommendations.
Like to try a test sample? Click here for more information.

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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
Comparative proteomics reveals human pluripotent stem cellderived limbal epithelial stem cells are similar to native ocular surface epithelial cells Mikhailova, A. et al 2015 Corneal
Efficient and Scalable Directed Differentiation of Clinically Compatible Corneal Limbal Epithelial Stem Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Heidi Hongisto, Meri Vattulainen, Tanja Ilmarinen, Alexandra Mikhailova, Heli Skottman 2018 Other
Human stem cell based corneal tissue mimicking structures using laser-assisted 3D bioprinting and functional bioinks. Sorkio A, Koch L, Koivusalo L, Deiwick A, Miettinen S, Chichkov B, Skottman H. 2018 Corneal


Title Year
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