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  • Isolation
  • Expansion
  • Differentiation
  • Homeostasis
  • Cryopreservation
  • Co-culture
  • Aging
  • Staining

CnT-IsoBoost, Isolation Boosting Supplement

A chemically defined supplement added to the culture medium after isolation, that significantly improves viability and attachment of primary epithelial cells.

Catalog CnT-ISO-50
Content 50 uL of 1000x concentrate, frozen


  • Chemically defined, contains no components of animal or human origin
  • Significantly increases isolation efficiency


A sterile, 1000 x ready-to-use concentrate which is added to the culture medium for the first 3 days of culture immediately after isolation. Significantly improves viability and attachment of primary human cells.

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Tissue type
Epithelial cells
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
50 ul
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources

CnT-IsoBoost Supplement

Addition of the CnT-IsoBoost supplement to CnT-PR medium for the first 3 days after isolation more than doubles the isolation efficiency.

Isolation is a considerable stress for primary cells, in which the physical detachment and loss of cohesion results in significant loss of viability and reduced attachment.

The IsoBoost supplement (CnT-ISO-50) is able to significantly boost the isolation efficiency of primary human epithelial cells by protecting them against stress and improving viability and attachment rates.

In tests with the CnT-PR medium (left), more than twice as many population doublings were achieved in the first 7 days of culture when the CnT-ISO-50 supplement was added during the first 3 days of culture. This resulted in 5x more cells than in standard medium alone:

IsoBoost delivers 5x more cells on day 7 post isolation.


CnT-ISO-50-HC delivers 5x more cells on day 7 post isolation.Figure: Primary human keratinocytes (HPEK), day 7 after isolation in CnT-PR plus IsoBoost supplement.

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