CnT-IsoBoost Supplement

Addition of the CnT-IsoBoost supplement to CnT-PR medium for the first 3 days after isolation more than doubles the isolation efficiency.

Isolation is a considerable stress for primary cells, in which the physical detachment and loss of cohesion results in significant loss of viability and reduced attachment.

The new IsoBoost supplement (CnT-ISO-50) is able to significantly boost the isolation efficiency of primary human epithelial cells by protecting them against stress, and improving viability and attachment rates.

In tests with the CnT-PR medium (left), more than twice as many population doublings were achieved in the first 7 days of culture when the CnT-ISO-50 supplement was added during the first 3 days of culture. This resulted in 5x more cells than in standard medium alone:

IsoBoost delivers 5x more cells on day 7 post isolation.
IsoBoost delivers 5x more cells on day 7 post isolation.

Figure: Primary human keratinocytes (HPEK), day 7 after isolation in CnT-PR plus IsoBoost supplement.

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CnT-IsoBoost Supplement

A sterile, 1000 x ready-to-use concentrate which is added to the culture medium for the first 3 days of culture immediately after isolation. Significantly improves viability and attachment of primary human cells.

Tissue type
Pack size
50 uL of 1000x concentrate. Sufficient to supplement 50 mL of culture medium.
Storage / Shelf life
Store at -20°C. See label for expiry date. Once thawed, store at 4°C. Use within 4 weeks of thawing.
Shipping condition
CnT-ISO-50 is shipped frozen.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
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