Melanocytes growing in CnT-PR-MH Homeostasis medium are significantly more responsive to treatment with a tyrosinsase inhibitor, and demonstrate larger reductions in melanin content in both neonatal and adult cells.

The CnT-PR-MH medium is designed for the maintenance of melanocytes in a homeostatic state with only minimal growth factor stimulii, sufficient to maintain their function for up to a week in culture.

In the absence of the strong growth factor stimulation found in standard proliferation media, melanocytes growing in CnT-PR-MH show heightened responsiveness to experimental stimulii (such as tyrosinase inhibitors for example).

To test for whitening of melanocytes, the following procedure is proposed:

i) Grow cells to near confluence in the CnT-40 proliferation medium
ii) Switch cells to CnT-PR-MD medium, and allow to differentiate for 5 days
iii) Switch to the Prime MH homeostasis medium one day prior to starting the assay

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Melanocyte Homeostasis Medium

CnT-PR-MH is a fully supplemented, frozen, and ready to use culture medium. It does not contain antibiotics / antimycotics, and is free of PMA and TPA.

Developed for human melanocytes. May be used for other species as well.
Tissue type
Pack size
250 mL bottle, fully supplemented with growth factors. No further additions required.
Product use
Developed for maintenance of primary melanocytes in a homoestatic state for up to 1 week of culture. Cells must be grown to near confluence first in CnT-40 medium.
Media Type
Culture condition
This medium is designed for use in a 5% CO2 atmosphere. For suggested cell culture protocols, please see our resources section.
For routine cell cultivation, CELLnTEC recommends to work without antibiotics / antimycotics.
Storage / Shelf life
Store frozen below -15 °C. For best before date, see label. To prepare medium for use, thaw in a water bath set to room temperature. Do not use higher temperatures. Swirl frequently, approximately every 20 min, to ensure good mixing of the ingredients and temperature equilibration. Stop at melting of the last bit of ice to prevent warming at the end of the thawing process. Once thawed, medium has a remaining shelf-life of 6 weeks when stored at 4 °C in the dark. Certain culture media components are very sensitive to light. Minimize light exposure at all times.
Quality control
Media functionality and cell morphology tested by cell cultivation with primary human melanocytes. Osmolality, pH and concentration of various ions are tested. Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
Shipping condition
CnT-PR-MH is shipped frozen.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
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