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CnT-Prime MSC Proliferation Medium

High-efficiency isolation and expansion of both adipose and bone marrow-derived MSCs, without plate coating.

Catalog CnT-PR-MSC
Content 500 ml, Frozen medium


  • Rapid growth & expansion
  • Fully supplemented, one bottle ready-to-go


CnT-Prime MSC medium offers a class-leading culture of both bone marrow and adipose-derived MSCs without any plate coating.

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Tissue type
Isolation / Expansion
Low Bovine
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
Yes, Serum needs to be supplemented by the user.
500 ml
Frozen Bottle & Ready-to-use
Quality level
Research Grade

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Click for enlarged image. CnT-PR-MSC medium provides class-leading MSC proliferation rates and longevity.

CnT-PR-MSC is a refined medium for high-efficiency isolation and expansion of adipose and bone-marrow-derived MSC. It uses an advanced basal medium supplemented with a range of growth factors, plus a low level of FCS.The growth rates of adipose-derived MSCs exceed key competitors (see image at right), all without using plate coatings!

Cells growing in CnT-Prime MSC medium also demonstrate extended longevity and remain strongly multipotent for at least 4 passages.


Figure: CD34 expression in adMSC, CnT-PR-MSC medium, passage 4. Analysis courtesy of Dr Sean Hall, Dept. of Clinical Research, University Hospital Bern.

Adipose-derived MSCs grown in CnT-PR-MSC medium are CD45-/CD31-/CD73+/CD90+/CD105+/CD34+/-, and importantly at least 10% of the cell population remains CD34-positive at passage 4.Cells may at any time be switched to the xeno-free #CnT-PR-MSC-XF medium or induced to differentiate following addition of the necessary differentiation supplements.

For recommended isolation, expansion, differentiation, and CFE protocols, please visit the Protocols Section of this website.

Like to try a test sample? Click here for more information.

It can easily be upgraded for clinical applications. Contact us at support@cellntec.com for further details and pricing.

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