3D Differentiation Media

Differentiation and stratification of epithelial cells in air-lift culture places divergent demands on the culture medium.

The medium must send proliferative signals to retain the basal layer, but must also permit cells to fully differentiate and form the highly cohesive and resistent upper cell layers.

The 3D Barrier medium (CnT-PR-3D) is specifically designed to deliver this delicate balance. It is able to retain the basal layer, but in parallel allows more complete differentiation than traditional media.

The same airlift culture procedure can be used for a variety of stratified epithelia, including skin and oral cells. When establishing cultures of non-cornified epithelia such as oral tissue, it is important to keep the surface of the model slightly moist during the air-lift period (with some drops of culture media after medium change), to avoid the cornification that may occur with full air exposure.

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