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CnT Murine Epidermal Keratinocyte Progenitors, Long-Term

CELLnTEC’s long-term mouse keratinocytes are spontaneously transformed cells that provide the convenience of long-term cell growth without senescence.

Catalog MPEK-BL6
Content Vial containing 0.5 million viable cells, frozen


  • High-quality cells
  • Pre-equilibrated in CELLnTEC base chemistry
  • Extended lifespan of the cells


Mouse epidermal keratinocyte progenitor cells, cryo-preserved at approx passage 30. To obtain the guaranteed growth, cells are grown in CnT-PR medium.

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Cell lines
Tissue type
Cell type
Epidermal Keratinocyte Progenitors
Pack size
0.5 million viable cells (1 mL), frozen vial
Culture Medium
CnT-07 / CnT-57 / CnT-PR

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Scientific resources

MPEK-BL6 long-term mouse keratinocytes are isolated from normal C57BL/6 mouse skin and have not been actively transformed. These long-term keratinocytes have been widely characterized in the literature and they retain the ability to differentiate.

CELLnTEC’s Long-Term cells are provided at approx. passage 30 and come with a guarantee of at least 6 months of growth post-delivery.

As with all cell cultures that deliver long-term growth, it is recommended to expand the cells after initial delivery, then freeze-down a group of stock vials. Experiments should then be conducted in the subsequent approx. 15-20 passages after thawing each of the stock vials.

Once 15-20 passages have been completed, the culture should be discarded and a new culture started from a fresh stock vial.

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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
MyD88/CD40 Genetic Adjuvant Function in Cutaneous Atypical Antigen-Presenting Cells Contributes to DNA Vaccine Immunogenicity Matthew R. Collinson-Pautz, Kevin M. Slawin, Jonathan M. Levitt, David M. Spencer 2016 Epidermal
Nociceptor neurons affect cancer immunosurveillance Mohammad Balood, Maryam Ahmadi, Tuany Eichwald, Ali Ahmadi, Abdelilah Majdoubi, Karine Roversi, Katiane Roversi, Christopher T. Lucido, Anthony C. Restaino, Siyi Huang, Lexiang Ji, Kai-Chih Huang, Elise Semerena, Sini C. Thomas, Alexandro E. Trevino, Hannah Merrison, Alexandre Parrin, Benjamin Doyle, Daniel W. Vermeer, William C. Spanos, Caitlin S. Williamson, Corey R. Seehus, Simmie L. Foster, Hongyue Dai, Chengyi J. Shu, Manu Rangachari, Jacques Thibodeau, Sonia V. Del Rincon, Ronny Drapkin, Moutih Rafei, Nader Ghasemlou, Paola D. Vermeer, Clifford J. Woolf, Sebastien Talbot  2022 Epidermal
PNPLA1 is a transacylase essential for the generation of the skin barrier lipid o-O-acylceramide Ohno Y, Kamiyama N, Nakamichi S, Kihara A 2017 Epidermal
Title Year
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