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3-aminobenzamide protects primary human keratinocytes from UV-induced cell death by a poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation independent mechanism Petra Lakatos, Eva Szabo, Csaba Hegedus, Gorgy Hask, Pal Gergely, Peter Bai, Laszl Virag 2012 Epidermal CnT-57, HPEKp.05
A functional interaction of E7 with B-Myb-MuvB complex promotes acute cooperative transcriptional activation of both S- and M-phase genes. (129 c) CL Pang, SY Toh, P He, S Teissier, Y Ben Khalifa, Y Xue and F Thierry 2013 Epidermal HPEK, CnT-57
A two-component pre-seeded dermal-epidermal scaffold Isa P. Monteiro, Anita Shukla, Alexandra P. Marques, Rui L. Reis, Paula T. Hammond 2014 Epidermal CnT-57
ARNT controls the expression of epidermal differentiation genes through HDAC- and EGFR-dependent pathways E. Douglas Robertson, Lynda Weir, Malgorzata Romanowska, Irene M. Leigh and Andrey A. Panteleyev 2012 Epidermal CnT-02-3DP5, CnT-57
Cancer gene discovery and immunosurveillance studies using Sleeping Beauty mouse models Laura Marie Rogers 2013 Mammary CnT-57, CnT-02-3DP
Characterization of pathogenic auto-antibodies directed against desmoglein 3 and desmocollin 3 in sera of pemphigus patients David Ali Rafei-Shamsabadi 2013 Epidermal CnT-57
Clasp2 ensures mitotic fidelity and prevents differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes Marta N. Shahbazi, Daniel Peña-Jimenez, Francesca Antonucci, Matthias Drosten and Mirna Perez-Moreno 2017 Epidermal CnT-57, CnT-07
Comparison of different epidermal keratinocyte media for preservation of keratinocyte stem cells in serial cultures and epidermal transplants Löhberg L, Derow E., Schuler G, Hartmann A 2009 Epidermal CnT-07, CnT-57
Conditionally reprogrammed cells represent a stem-like state of adult epithelial cells Frank A. Suprynowicz, Geeta Upadhyay, Ewa Krawczyka, Sarah C. Kramer, Jess D. Hebert, Xuefeng Liu, Hang Yuan, Chaitra Cheluvaraju, Phillip W. Clapp, Richard C. Boucher, Jr., Christopher M. Kamonjoh, Scott H. Randell, and Richard Schlegel 2012 Other CnT-02-3DP5, CnT-57
Constitutive transgene expression of Stem Cell Antigen-1 in the hair follicle alters the sensitivity to tumor formation and progression Rikke Christensen, David M. Owens, Annette C. Füchtbauer, Anders Gunnarsson, Mette Ramsing, Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer, Uffe Birk Jensen 2017 Epidermal CnT-57
E2 Proteins of High Risk Human Papillomaviruses Down- Modulate STING and IFN-k Transcription in Keratinocytes Nuchsupha Sunthamala, Francoise Thierry, Sebastien Teissier, Chamsai Pientong, Bunkerd Kongyingyoes, Thumwadee Tangsiriwatthana, Ussanee Sangkomkamhang, Tipaya Ekalaksananan 2014 Epidermal MPEKas, CnT-57
Engineered three-dimensional microenvironments as functional in vitro models of stromal tissues Elia Piccinini 2015 Thymus CnT-57
Epidermal receptor activator of NF-kappaB ligand controls Langerhans cells numbers and proliferation Barbaroux JB, Beleut M, Brisken C, Mueller CG, Groves RW. 2008 Epidermal CnT-57
Evaluation of cultured human dermal- and dermo-epidermal substitutes focusing on extracellular matrix components: Comparison of protein and RNA analysis Corien Oostendorp, Sarah Meyer, Monia Sobrio , Joyce van Arendonk, Ernst Reichmann, Willeke F. Daamen, Toin H. van Kuppevelt 2017 Epidermal CnT-07, CnT-57
Evaluation of the multipotent character of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells isolated by Ficoll gradient centrifugation and red blood cell lysis treatment. Al Battah F, De Kock J, Ramboer E, Heymans A, Vanhaecke T, Rogiers V, Snykers S. 2011 Epidermal CnT-02, CnT-57

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