Biochemical laboratory

First Use of Novel Methods

The continuous evolution of science and technology brings a steady flow of new biological insights and analytical possibilities.

Collectively this means that old questions can often be evaluated from totally new perspectives.

Leaders in the cosmetic industry regularly invest in the refinement of novel methods that are not yet widely used in order to be first-to-market with powerful new support for their claims.

Examples of biological fields and analytical methods that have advanced significantly in recent years include

  1. stem and progenitor cells from the epidermis and dermis
  2. in vitro models of chronic aging
  3. multiplex proteomic analyses that can quantify hundreds of proteins in a single run.

New fields that are now developing include 3D aging models, and the field of epigenetics.

CELLnTEC has a strong record of working with cutting edge cosmetic companies to develop powerful new ways of supporting important claims.

We would be happy to hear areas of interest for you, and to propose novel ways in which these areas could be addressed.