Primary human keratinocytes in 3rd week of aging in VitroAge medium (5 days post seeding).


Summary result of 100 age-related proteins quantified using MRM proteomics.

Broad and detailed insights with Multiplex Proteomics

After three weeks of aging in VitroAge medium, keratinocytes display a group of age-related changes in their proteome.

Using a novel MRM proteomics technology, 100 proteins can now be accurately characterized in parallel in a single sample.

Using this approach, we have identified 6 groups of age-related proteins that change significantly during 3 weeks of culture in VitroAge (CnT-AG2) culture medium:

  • DNA repair mechanisms
  • Stress reponses / Proteasome
  • Detoxification mechanisms
  • Stem / Progenitor cell markers
  • Antiox / Redox mechansims
  • Metabolism / Protein synthesis

A poster describing the VitroAge model was presented at the International Investigative Dermatology (IID) meeting. For a PDF copy, click here.

To obtain more information about how MRM proteomics can be used with the VitroAge model and the proteins that can be evaluated, please contact our contract research scientists via

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