Epidermal Structure and Function

Active ingredients applied topically to the skin can significantly affect epidermal cell function and behaviour.

Viability & Metabolism

Metabolism can be evaluated mechanistically (e.g. viability tests such as MTT, or mitochondrial membrane potential) or more functionally via proliferation. > More


The migration rate of cells is evalauted after active ingredient treatment. > More

Progenitor Cell Function

Progenitor cell function is key to all epidermal regeneration. It can be evalauted in either 2D or 3D cultures. > More

Barrier Function and Differentiation

Evaluate the penetration of test chemicals into a 3D epidermal model using advanced raman spectroscopy, or the expression of differentiation markers in 2D or 3D culture. > More


Cytokine release in the presence and absence of an inflammatory challenge. > More


Evaluate activity of detox mechanisms such as the Phase I and Phase II enzymes. > More