Tailored Tests: Tuned exactly to your needs

When standard tests are not quite right, then get started on tailored test designed exactly for your needs with 3 easy steps.

1. Define your area of interest

Identify in which area you would like to focus on for your next active ingredients. For example, UV protection, barrier function, stem cell protection.

2. Check the CELLnTEC In Vitro Toolbox

The CELLnTEC In Vitro Toolbox is a group of cell models, culture methods, exposure types and end-points that we have worked with regularly.

The key elements are summarized in the table below – but these are just keywords. If you have a specific method in mind that isn’t on the list, this may well still be something we commonly do.

Cell Types Culture Types Treatments End-Points
Keratinocyte (progenitors) 2D Proliferation Active Ingred. Protein expression
Keratinocytes (differentiated) 2D Differentiation UVA/UVB Enzyme activity
Fibroblasts (mixed pop.) 3D Differentiation Sunlight equiv. Barrier function
Fibroblasts (progenitors) 3D Spheroid Peroxide Metabolites
Melanocytes (progenitors) Co-culture VitroAge Progenitors
Melanocytes (differentiated) ROS

3. Make contact with us

Once you have gathered the info, ideas, and questions during points 1 and 2 above, it is time to make contact with us.

Start with an email to services@cellntec.com touching on the main points. We will then get in contact with some initial info, and if it looks promising, we will set up an initial conference call to discuss further.

Once we have identified the best kind of approach, we will prepare a proposal for you. In some cases, the project may begin with a small pre-test, to identify the optimal way of combining different elements (in case it has not been done before).

Once the pre-test is complete, all the main test evaluating your actives will start, according to the terms and outline in the proposal.