Primary rat urothelial cells, growing as 3D culture. Top: H&E. Bottom: Uroplakin.


Dermal progenitor cells growing as spheres in non-adherent culture demonstrate different gene expression and response to active ingredients compared with standard fibroblasts.

Advanced In Vitro Models, Refined Media

CELLnTEC’s range of epithelial models are developed using highly refined media designed to select a specific cell population, or deliver a particular behaviour such as proliferation or differentiation/ barrier function.

We are experienced with the use of both human and rodent cells for the establishment of a wide range of 2D and 3D in vitro models.

In 3D, we establish air-lift cultures to generate complete stratification and differentiation of epithelial cells from skin, gingiva, bladder, airway and cornea.

We also culture dermal progenitor cells as spheres in non-adherent culture to better maintain the progenitor cell phenotype and gene-expression profile.

Ex-vivo Tests

Certain questions are best addressed using ex-vivo tissues, due to the additional cell types present in tissue biopsies.

We can use our established network of tissue suppliers to obtain biospies of a range of epithelial tissue types. These can then be used directly in experimentation with active ingredients, to obtain the closest possible insight into the true in vivo responses.

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