Primary human large airway cells, differentiated in 3D culture.


Dermal progenitor cells growing as spheres in non-adherent culture demonstrate different gene expression and response to active ingredients compared with standard fibroblasts.

Refined Media For Improved Sensitivity

CELLnTEC focuses on several key epithelial tissues, for which we develop highly refined media designed to select a specific cell population, or deliver a particular behaviour.

We then use these advanced in vitro models for for toxicological testing, safety evaluation, and investigation of therapeutic or toxicological mechanisms.

We are experienced with the use of both human and rodent cells for the establishment of a wide range of 2D and 3D in vitro models.

We also establish customised models for the biotech and pharma industry, enabling evaluation of specific toxicological mechanisms in both rat and human tissue in parallel.

The specialist experience we have developed in the field of epithelial in vitro models is at your disposal. We would be pleased to make you a proposal tailed to your next project.

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