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CELLnTEC bolsters leadership team with the appointment of Thomas Schnibbe as Chief Executive Officer

Berne, Switzerland, January 8, 2018 – CELLnTEC Advanced Cell Systems is pleased to announce that Thomas Schnibbe, Ph.D, joined the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Professor Eliane Müller, founder and President of CELLnTEC, says: “The board and me personally are excited to have Dr. Schnibbe with CELLnTEC. His tremendous background, global expertise and leadership experience will support the further development of our company.”

Dr. Schnibbe has over 15 years of international experience in the biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industry, comprising business segment leadership, strategy, marketing and sales, and portfolio management responsibilities, and covering instruments, reagents and regulated products.
Previously, Dr. Schnibbe was an industry advisor and Partner at Simon & Sterling. Prior to that Dr. Schnibbe served at QIAGEN where he held various managerial and leadership positions in Marketing, Sales and Strategy in Europe and the United States, and most recently was Senior Director and head of the company’s Applied Testing business, and member of the company’s Senior Management Team. Other earlier positions include commercial and product management roles at Chiron Corporation.

Mr. Schnibbe holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology with studies at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, and Kyoto University, Japan. He obtained a Ph.D. from Free University Berlin conducting his doctoral research at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany.

“CELLnTEC is an innovation driver in clinically upgradable precision cell culture”, says Dr. Schnibbe. As research and pharma navigate multi-year developmental roadmaps, CELLnTEC is in an exciting position to accompany users through the entire developmental value chain, from discovery, to translation research and into pharmaceutical and emerging cosmeceutical and 3D bioprinting applications.”

Modeling Tissue Behaviour with Certified Medium Components

The Ideal Solution for Reliable Research, Translational Medicine and Clinical Applications

CELLnTEC uses detailed insights into the triggers of specific cell behaviors to develop specialty media tailored for proliferation, differentiation, co-culture in 2D or 3D and aging of a variety of cell types.

All CELLnTEC media are formulated for optimal quality, with certified components and recombinant proteins to deliver animal-component-free and fully defined products optimized for reliable research and clinical applications.

For further information about these products or how they can be upgraded for clinical applications please visit the products section of this website, and get in contact with our scientists via