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Newsletter Topics Published
► Experience unparalleled growth and longevity with our xeno-free endothelial proliferation medium. May 2024
► Limited-Edition: Try our Phenol Red-free Media. Apr 2024
► A Fresh Look! New Product Label Designs. Mar 2024
► Study natural cell behavior in a corticosteroid-free environment with CELLnTEC’s new CnT-PR-CSF medium. Jan 2024
► Generate bladder 2D/3D models with long-term cell line HBLAK for advanced urological research. Nov 2023
► Differentiate epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and melanocytes in 2D culture with ease and accuracy. Sep 2023
► Age keratinocytes naturally without artificial chemical treatment using VitroAge medium. May 2023
► Increase sensitivity and maximize assay responsiveness by culturing cells in a homeostatic environment. Mar 2023
► Establish Lung & Airway Cell Culture and In Vitro Models Successfully. Jan 2023
► Get more cells for your buck: We have reduced our MSC media pricing. Dec 2022
► Successfully transfer serum-dependent cell lines to serum-free defined media. Nov 2022
► Application of dermo-epidermal skin models for investigating inflammation and wound healing. Sep 2022
► 3D-Bioprinting Complex Cell and Tissue Constructs utilizing CELLnTEC media. Jul 2022
► Corneal Research – Eight fascinating applications collected for you. May 2022
► Successfully advance your translational project from bench to bedside with Higher Certified media. Apr 2022
► Experience the flexibility to freely adjust medium calcium concentration. Mar 2022
► Develop in vitro 3D human skin equivalents as alternatives for animal experimentation. Jan 2022
► Melanocyte Expansion and Differentiation Media from CELLnTEC. Dec 2021
► CELLnTEC Solutions for Long-Term Cell Culture. Jun 2021
► Experience Seamless Transition from Lab to Clinical Trial. Apr 2021
► CELLnTEC’s Low-Serum Fibroblast Culture Medium Delivers Improved Isolation Efficiency and Proliferation Rate. Dec 2020
► Experience Longevity and Stability with CELLnTEC’s Progenitor Cell System. Oct 2020
► Full Thickness Skin Models: 3D Co-culturing at the Air-liquid Interface. Sep 2020
► Create 3D Airlift and Organotypic Models with CnT-PR-3D Media. Jul 2020
► COVID-19 Research Tools. Jun 2020
► Airway Media for Respiratory Virus Research. May 2020
► Start Your 3D Modelling Journey with CELLnTEC. Feb 2020
► Introducing Two New 2D Co-culture Starter Kits. Sep 2019
► Enhance Cell Culture Workflow by Optimizing Isolation Efficiency and Biopsy Maintenance. Jul 2019
► Successfully Generate Organotypic Spheroids as In Vitro Fusion Models. Jun 2019
► Fabricating a functional and transplantable corneal epithelium is now feasible. May 2019


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