Prof. Dr. Eliane J. Müller

Founder & Chair of the Board
Bern University
& University Hospital Insel


Philip Bodmer

Member of the Board
Bodmer & Partner


Gian-Luigi Berini

Member of the Board


Thomas Schnibbe, PhD

Member of the Board





About Us

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Precision Cell Culture – Clinically Upgradable


CELLnTEC Advanced Cell Systems develops products and technologies for precision cell culture. Around the world, CELLnTEC enables scientists to create sophisticated in vitro cell systems.

Our signature products are precision cell culture media: fully defined media, designed to successfully traverse the basic to translational research continuum and to support researchers establish clinical applications.


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HC products

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Our Products


CELLnTEC provides a range of basal and functionalized media, including highly defined media designed to expand cells in serum-free, xeno-free, or fully defined environments. Our portfolio ranges from solutions for Epithelial to Endothelial tissue types and from iPSC to MSC.

Take a Workflow Perspective: Universal Base Chemistry

CELLnTEC’s cell culture media are formulated on a single universal base chemistry. Across cell culture workflows of isolation, proliferation, differentiation, homeostasis, ageing, cryopreservation and more, CELLnTEC’s proprietary base chemistry warrants medium continuity, minimizes variation and safeguards best possible results.

Take a Long-Term Perspective: Clinical Applications

The right material selection strategies early in the research and development process can help avoid costly late-stage failures. Chemically defined compositions, identity and traceability of components are key when approaching clinical stage research. CELLnTEC offers several of its research grade culture media as Higher Certified (HC) versions. HC media are designed to support users to successfully advance from research stage into clinical applications.

Cells and Supplementary Reagents

Our culture media products are complemented by a range of primary cells products isolated, refined and cryopreserved in CELLnTEC media to provide our users a jumpstart experience. Supplementary reagents round up our offerings.


Our Clients

From Discovery Research to Advancements in Cell Therapy and Beyond

CELLnTEC serves to end-users in basic and discovery research, in pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine, in cosmetics and cosmeceutical research, and in new emerging applications such as 3D bioprinting or clean meat.

CELLnTEC is on approved vendor lists of renowned research institutions and companies around the world.



CELLnTEC technologies help to replace, reduce, and refine animal experiments

Animal models are expensive, time-consuming and at times have poor relevance to human biology. At CELLnTEC we are committed to the principles of the 3Rs. Helping to reduce the use of animals in biomedical research, education, and testing is one of the founding visions of CELLnTEC.

Our technologies enable the creation of sophisticated in vitro cell systems to provide non-animal, human biology-based alternatives. We want to empower researchers around the world for a paradigm shift, replacing experimental animals by 3D organotypic models.


Towards the Perfect In Vitro Cell Model

3D Airway and Skin Model, Full Thickness Airlift Model and Beyond

In vitro cell systems have become principal tools in life sciences and biomedical research. Recent scientific advancements in cell culture and 3D bioprinting combined with new powerful capabilities for multi-omics analyses and handling of unprecedented data quantities allow the bottom-up creation of increasingly complex biological models.

As key enabling tools in systems and synthetic biology, in vitro cell systems play crucial part in emerging regenerative medicine and in vitro food applications.

Science and medicine are on the quest for the perfect, fully defined in vitro cell system. It is our passion to help in this endeavor.