The big question for About sections? What makes the team tick

When I visit an “About” section on a website, I am really interested in how the team behind the products works.

What do they believe in, what are their priorities, and what makes them tick.

I often find About sections weak in this way. Lets do this About section better!

I thought to start by sharing three quotes, and describe why they really fit with the CELLnTEC Team.

Well done is better than well said. B. Franklin.
We hold great respect for whose actions really do deliver on their words.

Whatever you are, be a good one. A. Lincoln.
Reaching a good level can be challenging, no matter if the subject is scientist, friend, or parent. But the rewards of achieving something special and beyond-the-norm can easily make it all worthwhile.

Small is the new big. S. Godin.
We love being part of a small company! The speed with which we can decide and react, the insights we can get from focusing on 30 products rather than 300, and the fact that small makes it easier for us to be better at everything we do, and that it means I know more customer’s stories, challenges, and successes. Small inspires and rewards.

I hope this experimental start to our About Section has given you a better first taste of makes us tick. Of course the best way to learn about us is to get in contact, send us some questions, and try our products.

Until then, in case you are looking for more about us from other perspectives, please check out the other pages in the About Section.

Peter Girling, Co-Founder