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CnT-IsoBoost Supplement

Addition of CnT-IsoBoost supplement to CnT-PR medium (3 days after isolation) doubles isolation efficiency.

Recent Product Releases from CELLnTEC

New clinically-upgradable products now available for the culture of MSCs and endothelial cells, differentiation of iPSC, and to boost the yield from your next isolation!

  • CnT-Higher Certified (HC) medium (#Cnt-07-HC and #CnT-30-HC)
  • CnT-Prime MSC medium for adipose and bone marrow-derived MSC culture (#CnT-PR-MSC)
  • CnT-Prime MSC-XF medium for xeno-free MSC culture (#CnT-PR-MSC-XF)
  • CnT-Endothelium Medium for FBS-free endothelial cell culture (#CnT-ENDO)
  • iPSC Epithelial Differentiation Medium (#CnT-30)
  • XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium for more viable cells from every biopsy (#CnT-XP3)
  • IsoBoost supplement for doubling the isolation efficiency (#CnT-ISO-50)

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