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CnT-CRYO Defined, Animal Component-Free Freezing Medium

CRYO-Defined is a cryopreservation medium containing all the necessary components to protect cells during freezing and thawing.

Catalog CnT-CRYO-50
Content 50 ml, Frozen medium


  • Chemically defined, contains no components of animal or human origin
  • Does not require serum


CRYO-Defined is a 2 x concentrate, cryo preservation medium containing 20% DMSO and all the necessary components to protect cells during freezing and thawing. This freezing medium is chemically defined and animal component-free. It is ready to use as provided.

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Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
50 ml
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources


Recovery of primary human keratinocytes 6 days post thawing. A: Frozen in traditional 20% freezing medium. B: Frozen in CRYO-Defined xeno-free freezing medium.

Developed using only synthetic compounds, the xeno-free CRYO-Defined freezing medium is an advanced formulation that is fully defined and thus no longer depends on the use of variable additives such as serum.In testing, this medium has been found to deliver equal or better cell recovery after thawing than traditional high-serum freezing media (see image).

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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
Effect of different cryopreservation media on human nucleus pulposus cells' viability and trilineage potential Andreas S. Croft, Julien Guerrero, Katharina A. C. Oswald, Sonja Häckel, Christoph E. Albers, Benjamin Gantenbein 2021 Other
Engineering human cell spheroids to model embryonic tissue fusion in vitro David G. Belair, Cynthia J. Wolf, Carmen Wood, Hongzu Ren, Rachel Grindstaff, William Padgett, Adam Swank, Denise MacMillan, Anna Fisher, Witold Winnik, Barbara D. Abbott 2017 Epidermal
Generation of an equine biobank to be used for Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes project Erin N. Burns, Matthew H. Bordbari, Michael J. Mienaltowski, Verena K. Affolter, Marietta V. Barro, Francesca Gianino, Giuliana Gianino, Elena Giulotto, Theodore S. Kalbfleisch, Scott A. Katzman, Mary Lassaline, Tosso Leeb, Maura Mack, Eliane J. Müller, James N. MacLeod, Brittni Ming‐Whitfield, Carolina R. Alanis, Terje Raudsepp, Erica Scott, Savanna Vig, Huaijun Zhou, Jessica L. Petersen, Rebecca R. Bellone, Carrie J. Finno 2018 Epidermal
Title Year
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