Primary human large airway epithelial cells growing in CnT-PR-A medium.

Proliferation Media

CnT-Prime Airway is carefully formulated to deliver excellent growth and longevity of large airway epithelial cells in a fully defined, animal component free environment.

This is achieved with a combination of Progenitor Cell Targeted (PCT) factors to improve retention of cells in an undifferentiated phenotype, and co-factors to improve growth factor binding and proliferation.

Recent Praise for CnT-Prime Airway Medium!
“We have tested several commercially available media for selection and growth of human airway epithelial cells and in our hands the CnT-Prime Airway medium is the best in class”.

– Dr Sean Hall, Department of Clinical Research, University Hospital Bern.

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Original media such as CnT-17 remain available. Please see the datasheet for more info.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined ACF Media type
CnT-PR-A CnT-Prime Airway, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes Yes 2D-Prolif
CnT-PR-AD CnT-Prime Airway Diff, Epithelial Culture Medium Human Yes Yes 3D-Diff
CnT-17 Airway Epithelium Medium Human and Mouse Yes No 2D-Prolif
CnT-ABM10 Pen / Strep / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-GAB10 Gentamycin / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-DNP-10 Dispase II, Neutral Protease, 5 x 0.1 gram No No