Skin biopsy structure is maintained much better after 10 days in CnT-XP3 (A), compared with competitor media (B & C). Click for full image.

Traditional culture media are designed to deliver maximum proliferation rates of cells in
culture. They are not optimal for maintaining tissue biopsies during transport or in the
period prior to cell isolation.

The new XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium (#CnT-XP3) is specifically designed for tissue homeostasis, and enables the maintenance of tissue biopsies in explant culture for more than 7 days without loss of viability or tissue structure.

It is fully defined, free of all human and animal-derived components, and is thus well suited for use in clinical applications. Biopsies maintained in XP3 for up to 3 days still yield high quality RNA (RIN above 8.0), and 25% higher cell yield after isolation.
Figure: Keratinocyte yield from biopsies maintained in XP3 medium is 25% higher than control biopsies maintained in regular culture medium.

Cells isolated from tissue biopsies maintained in XP3 prior to cell isolation also demonstrate higher functionality, and deliver much stronger proliferation during their first week in culture.
After 7 days of growth in CnT-PR medium (initial seeding 4’000 cells/cm2), primary human keratinocyte cultures established from tissue biopsies maintained in XP3 prior to isolation were found to have 4x more cells than cultures established from control biospies maintained in standard culture medium prior to isolation.
Figure: Keratinocytes isolated from biopsies maintained in XP3 deliver 4x more cells at the end of the first passage of expansion.

Thus when combining the increased initial cell yield with the faster growth in early culture, the use of XP3 increased cell yield x5 at the end of week 1, in comparison with the use of standard medium for biopsy maintenance.

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Printable datasheet

XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium

XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium is a chemically defined and animal component free medium specifically designed for tissue biopsy maintenance. It is ready to use as provided.

Tissue type
Pack size
250 mL
Storage / Shelf life
Store at -20°C in the dark. See labels for expiry date. Once thawed, use within 6 weeks.
Quality control
Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
Shipping condition
Shipped frozen.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
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