Limbal SCs derived from human iPSC using a protocol based on CnT-30 medium. Images courtesy of H.
Hongisto & H. Skottman (University of Tampere).

iPSC and ESC Differentiation Media

The differentiation of iPSC and ESC requires a very specific medium environment that is specifically tuned for differentiation.

The CnT-30 and CnT-PF-EF iPSC differentiation media achieve complete differentiation by shifting the focus away from highly proliferative growth factors that can impede differentiation.

As a result, these medium is highly effective at guiding iPSC and ESC down epithelial differentiation lineages.

A variety of differentiation protocols have been used successfully with these media. Examples can be found in the features pages linked above.

Differentiation of ESC down epithelial lineages (such as epidermis) has also been completed successfully using the CnT-07 medium.