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  • Isolation
  • Expansion
  • Differentiation
  • Homeostasis
  • Cryopreservation
  • Co-culture
  • Aging
  • Staining

CnT-Prime Fibroblast Proliferation Medium w/o Serum, Higher Certified

High-efficiency isolation and expansion of fibroblasts in a serum-free, clinically ready formulation and without requiring any plate coating.

Catalog CnT-PR-F-HC
Content 500 ml, Frozen medium


  • Rapid growth & expansion of fibroblasts
  • Serum-free formulation enables the end user to supplement with serum validated to deliver the desired cell behavior and known to meet the necessary regulatory requirements
  • Superior performance compared to classical 10 % serum media
  • Extended QC, documentation, support, and process control for clinical researchers


CnT-PR-F-HC medium is a serum-free formulation that delivers improved isolation efficiency and proliferation of human and animal fibroblasts. It is ideally suited for use during product development, protocol validation, and characterization of the cell-based product.

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Tissue type
Isolation / Expansion
Supplementation by User
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
500 ml
Frozen Bottle & Ready-to-use
Quality level
Higher Certified

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Isolation Efficiency

CnT-PR-F delivers 50% more cells on day 5 post isolation compared with traditional 10% serum media.

CnT-PR-F-HC does not contain serum. We recommend the use of 1 % serum to deliver improved isolation efficiency and proliferation of human and animal fibroblasts in comparison with traditional 10% serum media.CnT-PR-F-HC is a highly refined medium for fibroblast culture. It uses an advanced basal medium supplemented with a range of growth factors, thereby reducing the serum requirement down to 1%.

The reduction to a 1% serum medium is achieved through the addition of a range of fully defined growth factors and co-factors to improve their binding to cell surface receptors. This combination enables more rapid expansion than traditional 10% serum formulations.

By reducing the dependence on serum, CnT-PR-F-HC is significantly more consistent than traditional high-serum formulations.

Figure: Growth rate of primary human dermal fibroblasts in the 24 days (5 passages) following isolation is 40% faster in CnT-PR-F than in the traditional CnT-05 (10% serum) medium. Cells were grown on standard tissue culture plastic, passaged with accutase, and seeded at 1’000 cells per sq. cm.

For induction of other cell behaviours such as ECM secretion, the CnT-PR-ECM medium is recommended.Thawing, seeding, and passaging protocols are particularly important for optimal cell growth. Please visit our Protocols Page for our recommendations.

The medium undergoes a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale.

Like to try a test sample? Click here for more information.

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