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CnT-Prime Airway Epithelial 2D/3D Differentiation Medium

Differentiation of large airway epithelial cells in 2D and 3D culture.

Catalog CnT-PR-AD
Content 500 ml, Frozen medium


  • Market leading precision medium for differentiation of large epithelial cells
  • Chemically defined, contains no components of animal or human origin
  • Fully supplemented, one bottle ready-to-go


CnT-Prime Airway Differentiation is a fully defined, animal-component-free medium designed for the differentiation of large airway epithelial cells.

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Tissue type
Airway epithelial cells
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
500 ml
Frozen Bottle & Ready-to-use
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources

CnT-PR-AD is used for differentiating airway epithelial cells that have been expanded in CnT-PR-A or CnT-17 medium. It results from the evolution and refinement of our previous airway differentiation medium CnT-23.

CnT-PR-AD is a chemically defined medium formulation designed for optimal differentiation of primary large airway epithelial cells in 2D or 3D culture. It is completely free of animal or human-derived components. It contains a specifically tailored mix of growth factors, in which proliferative components that retard differentiation are omitted or reduced, and pro-differentiation components are added. It does not contain phenol-red or antibiotics / antimycotics.

It uses an optimized basal medium with additional trace elements, protective antioxidants, and vitamins. This medium is specifically designed to create an environment conducive to full differentiation. It achieves this by omitting PCT growth factors or other proliferative factors that retard differentiation.

CnT-PR-AD medium is a low-calcium formulation. Calcium is known to contribute to the differentiation of confluent epithelial cells. It is recommended to add calcium once the cells are fully confluent – please see our corresponding differentiation protocol for our recommendations.

The medium undergoes a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale. Please see the datasheet for details. It can easily be upgraded for clinical applications. Contact us at support@cellntec.com for further details and pricing.

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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
Characterization of distal airway stem-like cells expressing N-terminally truncated p63 and thyroid transcription factor-1 in the human lung Yusuke Tanaka, Miki Yamaguchi, Sachie Hirai, Toshiyuki Sumi, Makoto Tada, Atsushi Saito, Hirofumi Chiba, Takashi Kojima, Atsushi Watanabe, Hiroki Takahashi, Yuji Sakuma 2018 Airway
Consecutive Hypoxia Decreases Expression of NOTCH3, HEY1, CC10, and FOXJ1 via NKX2-1 Downregulation and Intermittent Hypoxia-Reoxygenation Increases Expression of BMP4, NOTCH1, MKI67, OCT4, and MUC5AC via HIF1A Upregulation in Human Bronchial Epithelial C Yung-Yu Yang, Chao-Ju Lin, Cheng-Chin Wang, Chieh-Min Chen, Wen-Jen Kao, Yi-Hui Chen 2020 Airway

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