Biochemical laboratory

Flyers and Catalogs

Here you will find a selection of short flyers and other print materials.

CELLnTEC Product Catalog (2 pages flyer). (PDF)

Overview: CnT-Prime Media (2 pages flyer). (PDF)

VitroAge: Aging Keratinocytes In Vitro (2 pages flyer). (PDF)

Co-Culture of Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts (2 pages flyer). (PDF)

CnT-XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium (1 pages flyer). (PDF)

CnT-ISO-50 IsoBoost Supplement and CnT-30 iPS differentiation (1 pages flyer). (PDF)

Media for MSC Culture (1 page flyer). (PDF)

CnT-Endothelium Media for HUVEC Culture (1 page flyer). (PDF)