Confluent primary human fibroblasts growing in CnT-PR-F medium. Day 5 after seeding.

Primary Human Dermal Fibroblasts

Primary human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) isolated in CnT-PR-F medium benefit from the presence of additional factors and an improved basal medium with more trace elements and protective vitamins.

HDF fibroblasts are isolated from the complete dermal layer, and thus include a full range of cell phenotypes.

Fibroblasts are available from two main donor types:


Dermal progenitors isolated from the dermal papilla readily form spheres, and express progenitor cell markers such as sox-2.

Dermal Progenitors

A variety of cell phenotypes exist within the dermis.

Of particular interest is the cell population isolated from the dermal papilla.

These cells demonstrate a characteristically different gene expression profile, and are thought to be responsible for replenishing the papillary dermis and inducing hair follicle formation.

These cells readily form spheres, which enables the extended maintenance of their progenitor cell phenotype. Interestingly they also behave differently to challenges with various active ingredients.