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CnT 3D Full Thickness Starter Kit, with Cells

Contains everything needed to establish full-thickness 3D skin models in your own lab from primary keratinocyte and fibroblast cultures.

Catalog PRFT-CELLS-24
Content HPEKp, HDFp, CnT-PR, CnT-PR-F, CnT-PR-FTAL5, CnT-SP & 24x FT inserts


  • Kits contains everything needed to create full thickness skin models
  • All kit components are fully compatible, ensuring reliable cell behaviour and modelling accuracy
  • Cost effective and convenient kit, contains all required products


A starter kit containing all components necessary for the establishment of 3-dimensional full-thickness skin models at the air-liquid interface. The kit includes primary human keratinocytes, primary human dermal fibroblasts, CnT-PR and CnT-PR-F proliferation media, CnT-PR-FTAL5 medium for full-thickness air-lift culture, CnT-SP spacer plate, and 24 cell culture inserts (0.4 um pore size). Note: The cells are of human origin and should therefore be handled as hazardous. Although it has been tested negative for HIV 1, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, treat this material as potentially infectious, and use appropriate biocontainment, protective equipment and other precautions to prevent accidental exposure.

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500 ml media (3x), 1 ml frozen cells (2x)
HPEKp & HDFp cells, CnT-PR, CnT-PR-F & CnT-PR-FTAL5 media, CnT-SP spacer plate and 24 x FT inserts

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Scientific resources


FT Model established with media included in the PRFT-24 kit.

The PRFT-CELLS-24 Starter Kit (with cells) contains all the cells and media necessary to establish full thickness 3D skin models from primary keratinocyte and fibroblast cultures in your own lab.

The kit contains primary keratinocytes and fibroblasts and their respective media for 2D proliferation, CnT-PR-FTAL5 Medium for full thickness airlift culture, one CnT-SP spacer plate to increase medium volume with standard 12-well plates, plus 24 FT inserts for air-lift culture. For details, please see the datasheet.

Primary keratinocytes and fibroblasts are not included in this kit. These cells can be established in your lab using the CnT-PR and CnT-PR-F media using our recommended protocols, or alternatively they can be purchased together with FT media within the PRFT-CELLS-24 kit, or separately in the CnT-FT-CELLS cell value pack.

The 3D models can be routinely established using our recommended protocol.

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