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CnT Spacer Plate, 12-Well, Reusable

A spacer plate made designed to fit on top of standard 12-well plates to lift inserts during air-lift culture.

Catalog CnT-SP
Content 1x spacer plate


  • made from medical grade acrylic
  • re-usable


A spacer plate made from medical grade acrylic, designed to fit on top of standard 12-well plates. Used to lift inserts during air-lift culture, to increase the volume of medium, and thus allow convenient 3x-weekly medium changes (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). The Spacer Plate is reusable.

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Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources

Spacer Plate

12-well spacer plate for use during air-lift culture.

A variety of epithelial cells can be grown in inserts at the air-liquid interface to produce a stratified epithelial sheet.

During the air-lift culture, the volume of medium per insert plays a critical role in how the model establishes. If the volume of medium is low, daily medium changes are required, also on weekends.

At larger medium volumes, it is possible to use a convenient 3x-weekly medium-change routine (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and still obtain an optimal structure of the epithelial model.

Standard 12-well plates typically deliver only a very small volume of medium in the range of 0.5 mL per insert (depending on the manufacturer) during air-lift culture and thus require daily medium changes.

Deep well plates are one possible solution but are significantly more expensive and generally often require very large volumes of medium (3-5 mL per insert).

The #CnT-SP Spacer Plate fits on top of standard 12-well plates and solves the medium volume problem by lifting the inserts, and thus increasing medium volume without needing a special deep-well plate.

Importantly, the #CnT-SP Spacer Plate is re-usable. Simply sterilize by soaking in alcohol prior to use.

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