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  • Isolation
  • Expansion
  • Differentiation
  • Homeostasis
  • Cryopreservation
  • Co-culture
  • Aging
  • Staining

CnT-57 Epithelial Proliferation Medium, Low BPE

Efficient isolation and expansion of epithelial cells from multiple tissue types

Catalog CnT-57
Content 500 ml basal medium + supplement pack


  • Delivers enhanced performance in isolation and expansion of epithelial cells, in particular if they are difficult to grow


CnT-57 is specifically designed for isolation and expansion of epithelial cells from skin, cornea, gingiva, mammary and bladder tissue. Contains a low concentration of BPE.

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Tissue type
Epithelial cells
Isolation / Expansion
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
500 ml
Quality level
Research Grade

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Scientific resources

CnT-57 is a low calcium medium formulation designed for isolation and expansion of mouse and human epithelial cells. It is comprised of the CnT-07 medium supplemented with a low concentration of BPE.

It is provided as a liquid culture medium kit including both basal medium and supplements. For maximum isolation efficiency from epithelial tissues, it is recommended to supplement CnT-57 with the IsoBoost supplement (#CnT-ISO-50), which has been found to double cell yield in the first week of culture.

Primary epithelial cells growing in CnT-57 display a highly proliferative phenotype. For differentiation experiments, it is recommended to switch to the CnT-PR-D or CnT-PR-3D differentiation media.

The medium undergoes a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale. Please see the datasheet for details. Like to try a test sample? Click here for more information.

Thawing, seeding, and passaging protocols are particularly important for optimal cell growth. Please visit our Protocols Page for our recommendations.


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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
Characterization of a melanocyte progenitor population in human interfollicular epidermis Katarzyna Michalak-Mićka, Vanessa L. Büchler, Natalia Zapiórkowska-Blumer, Thomas Biedermann, Agnes S. Klar 2022 Epidermal
Combining bioengineered human skin with bioprinted cartilage for ear reconstruction Dominika Zielinska, Philipp Fisch, Ueli Moehrlen, Sergio Finkielsztein, Thomas Linder, Marcy Zenobi-Wong, Thomas Biedermann, Agnes S. Klar 2023 Epidermal
Development of a conductive biocomposite combining graphene and amniotic membrane for replacement of the neuronal network of tissue-engineered urinary bladder J. Adamowicz, I. Pasternak, T. Kloskowski, M. Gniadek, S. V. Van Breda, M. Buhl, D. Balcerczyk, M. Gagat, D. Grzanka, W. Strupinski, M. Pokrywczynska, T. Drewa 2020 Bladder

For more publications on CnT-57 from our literature database, see here

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