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  • Isolation
  • Expansion
  • Differentiation
  • Homeostasis
  • Cryopreservation
  • Co-culture
  • Aging
  • Staining

CnT-Prime Epithelial Proliferation Medium, Higher Certified

Isolation and expansion of epithelial cells from skin, cornea, gingiva, mammary, and bladder tissue. A clinically ready formulation for tissue from human, mouse, and other species.

Catalog CnT-PR-HC
Content 500 ml, Frozen medium


  • Market leading precision medium for isolation and expansion of epithelial cells in a clinically ready formulation
  • Chemically defined, contains no components of animal or human origin
  • Fully supplemented, one bottle ready-to-go
  • Extended QC, documentation, support, and process control for clinical researchers


CnT-Prime Higher Certified version is an innovative, market-leading precision medium for isolation and expansion of epithelial cells from skin, cornea, gingiva, mammary, and bladder tissue. CnT-PR-HC medium is ideally suited for use during product development, protocol validation, and characterization of the cell-based product.

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Tissue type
Epithelial cells
Isolation / Expansion
Free of Human & Animal Component
Chemically defined
Clinically upgradable
500 ml
Frozen Bottle & Ready-to-use
Quality level
Higher Certified

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Scientific resources

CnT-PR-HC is a chemically defined, low calcium (0.07 mM) medium formulation designed for optimal isolation, expansion, and longevity of primary epithelial cells (skin, cornea, oral, mammary).

It is completely free of animal or human-derived components. Higher Certified CnT-Prime contains purified growth factors and an optimized basal medium to increase cell proliferation, and PCT factors to maximize retention of proliferative progenitor cells, increase longevity, and minimize loss through differentiation. It does not contain phenol-red or antibiotics / antimycotics. This medium is provided fully supplemented and frozen.

For maximum isolation efficiency from epithelial tissues, it is recommended to supplement CnT-PR-HC with the Higher Certified IsoBoost supplement (#CnT-ISO-50-HC), which has been found to double cell yield in the first week of culture.

Primary epithelial cells growing in CnT-PR-HC display a highly proliferative phenotype. For differentiation experiments, it is recommended to switch to the CnT-PR-D or CnT-PR-3D differentiation media.

The medium undergoes a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale. Please see the datasheet for details.

Like to try a test sample? Click here for more information.

Thawing, seeding, and passaging protocols are particularly important for optimal cell growth. Please visit our Protocols Page for our recommendations.


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