Isolation Reagents

CnT-ISO-50: CnT-IsoBoost supplement more than doubles the isolation efficiency of primary human cells in the first passage after isolation. > More

Spacer Plates for Air-Lift Culture

CnT-SP: 12-well spacer plate used to raise inserts during air-lift culture, thereby increasing the volume of medium per insert and reducing the medium change frequency. > More


CnT-ABM10: Standard pencillin/streptomycin/amphotericin, packaged into handy ready-to-use aliquots. > More

CnT-GAB10: Gentamycin/amphotericin, for significantly improved heat and pH stability. > More


CnT-Accutase-100: Acctuase – a gentle detachment enzyme with a large treatment window. No additional stop reagents required. > More

CnT-DNP-10: Dispase Neutral Protease. A gentle separation of epithelial layer from stroma allow selective seeding of only epithelial cells. > More

Biospy Maintanance in Explant Culture

CnT-XP3: XP3 is a biopsy maintenance medium specifically designed for tissue homeostasis rather than rapid cell proliferation. It enables extended maintenance of biopsy structure and function, and increased cell viability and isolation efficiency. > More

Other Reagents

CnT-CRYO-50:CryoDefined freezing medium – better cell recovery than traditional serum-containing freezing media. > More

CnT-ST-100: Stain solution, for staining of cell cultures to evaluate colony formation or confluency prior to airlift. > More