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CnT Murine Epidermal Keratinocyte Progenitors, Long-Term

CELLnTEC’s long-term mouse keratinocytes are spontaneously transformed cells that provide the convenience of long-term cell growth without senescence.

Catalog MPEK-BL6
Content Vial containing 0.5 million viable cells, frozen


  • High-quality cells
  • Pre-equilibrated in CELLnTEC base chemistry
  • Extended lifespan of the cells


Mouse epidermal keratinocyte progenitor cells, cryo-preserved at approx passage 30. To obtain the guaranteed growth, cells are grown in CnT-PR medium.

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Cell lines
Tissue type
Cell type
Epidermal Keratinocyte Progenitors
Pack size
0.5 million viable cells (1 mL), frozen vial
Culture Medium
CnT-07 / CnT-57 / CnT-PR

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Scientific resources

MPEK-BL6 long-term mouse keratinocytes are isolated from normal C57BL/6 mouse skin and have not been actively transformed. These long-term keratinocytes have been widely characterized in the literature and they retain the ability to differentiate.

CELLnTEC’s Long-Term cells are provided at approx. passage 30 and come with a guarantee of at least 6 months of growth post-delivery.

As with all cell cultures that deliver long-term growth, it is recommended to expand the cells after initial delivery, then freeze-down a group of stock vials. Experiments should then be conducted in the subsequent approx. 15-20 passages after thawing each of the stock vials.

Once 15-20 passages have been completed, the culture should be discarded and a new culture started from a fresh stock vial.

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Scientific Literature

Title Authors Year Tissue type
Group IVE cytosolic phospholipase A2 limits psoriatic inflammation by mobilizing the anti-inflammatory lipid N-acylethanolamine Luyiyun Liang, Rina Takamiya, Yoshimi Miki, Kanako Heike, Yoshitaka Taketomi, Nao Sugimoto, Midori Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Shitara, Yasumasa Nishito, Tetsuyuki Kobayashi, Tetsuya Hirabayashi, Makoto Murakami 2022 Epidermal
MyD88/CD40 Genetic Adjuvant Function in Cutaneous Atypical Antigen-Presenting Cells Contributes to DNA Vaccine Immunogenicity Matthew R. Collinson-Pautz, Kevin M. Slawin, Jonathan M. Levitt, David M. Spencer 2016 Epidermal
PNPLA1 is a transacylase essential for the generation of the skin barrier lipid o-O-acylceramide Ohno Y, Kamiyama N, Nakamichi S, Kihara A 2017 Epidermal
Title Year
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