Epidermal Homeostasis

Cells growing in a medium designed for rapid proliferation or complete differentiation are receiving a strong set of signals from the culture medium.

These strong signals tend to reduce the responsiveness of cells to the external stimulii applied during experimentation.

To improve assay responsiveness, we have developed a keratinocyte homeostasis medium in which cells demonstrate higher responsiveness to assay treatments.

Products table

CAT# Description Species Defined ACF Media type
CnT-PR-H CnT-Prime Keratinocyte Homeostasis Medium Human Yes No 2D-Diff
CnT-ABM10 Pen / Strep / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-GAB10 Gentamycin / Amphotericin B Solution, Single Aliquots Yes Yes
CnT-DNP-10 Dispase II, Neutral Protease, 5 x 0.1 gram No No