The CnT-Prime Integrated Culture System
A Variety of Cell Behaviours Requires a Variety of Media

In vivo, cells display a much broader range of behaviors than just proliferation. That’s why the new Prime range of media contains products specifically tailored for:

  • High efficiency isolation and proliferation
  • Complete differentiation, or homeostasis for better assay responsiveness
  • Balanced co-culture in 2D and 3D
  • Upgradeability for the high demands of clinical applications

Recent Praise for Prime Media!
“We have tested several commercially available media for selection and growth of human airway epithelial cells and in our hands the CnT-Prime Airway medium is the best in class”.

– Dr Sean Hall, Department of Clinical Research, University Hospital Bern.


Full thickness skin model with a fully natural dermal matrix. Produced with CnT-PR-F and CnT-PR-FTAL media.

Recent Product Releases from CELLnTEC

New clinically-upgradable products now available for the culture of MSCs and endothelial cells, differentiation of iPSC, and to boost the yield from your next isolation!

  • CnT-Prime MSC medium for adipose and bone marrow-derived MSC culture (#CnT-PR-MSC)
  • CnT-Prime MSC-XF medium for xeno-free MSC culture (#CnT-PR-MSC-XF)
  • CnT-Endothelium Medium for FBS-free endothelial cell culture (#CnT-ENDO)
  • iPSC Epithelial Differentiation Media (#CnT-30, #CnT-PR-EF)
  • XP3 Biopsy Maintenance Medium for more viable cells from every biopsy (#CnT-XP3)
  • The IsoBoost supplement for double the isolation efficiency (#CnT-ISO-50)
  • CnT-Pime KM Keratinocyte/Melanocyte co-culture medium (#CnT-PR-KM)

The Prime family of media contains a range of mainly animal component free and chemically defined media for a wide range cell types including epithelia, fibroblasts, MSCs, melanocytes and endothelia. For more info about how they compare with our Original Media, please see the following link.

For more information about our original media, please visit our Previous Products page.

The 6 powers of Prime


ACF, Chemically Defined

Prime media use animal component free factors to improve retention of proliferative progenitor cells, and co-factors to improve growth-factor binding. Most media are chemically defined, for maximal control of your experimental environment.


Reliable & Clinically Upgradeable

Reliability is critical for clinical use. Fully defined media with certified, animal-free components are easily upgraded for clinical applications, whilst an 8-point process minimizes variation.


Sophisticated Models

Proliferation media do not deliver great differentiation, co-culture or aging. Finely tuned media significantly improve specialist behaviours.



One bottle, one box shipping, one-step preparation, and one-source products and protocols for 2D and 3D culture.



Fully customizable growth factor combinations available on request.



Advice from CELLnTEC researchers that use the products every day.

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